Introducing Moves,
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Jeff Tchadjeu
Jeff Tchadjeu
May 22, 2020

Have you ever taken a Lyft to a bar or ordered pad thai on UberEats? Of course you have. We all have. Gig economy platforms have brought private car and room service to the masses, and we love them for it.

They’ve also created a tonne of jobs offering flexible schedules and a high degree of autonomy. In exchange however, gig workers have often had to make due with reduced security and access to standard perks of regular employment, including access to credit.

Banks don’t know how to assess the risk profile of a gig worker who logs in and out of work to fit her other obligations, and not according to fixed hours. This is a problem, and an opportunity.

Moves was founded by the same team behind the Open Application Network and aims to be the financial services platform for independent workers.

With a new brand courtesy of Conflict, they asked us to design and develop their website and marketing materials.

For the website, we provided UX Research, Design, and Development. This included a series of custom illustrations that will also show up in ad campaigns, internal and external decks, and event banners.

Moves Lead Mockup

Launch First, Improve Later

Given the added demand for gig platforms and workers brought about by covid-related restaurant lockdowns, the Moves team wanted to launch a working minimally-viable product very quickly, and to then step back and improve on it.

We were given three weeks to get an MVP designed, developed and launched, so that’s what we did.

“Working with August feels like they are part of the same team. They bring enthusiasm, hard work, and creativity to make sure the outcomes achieve the goals of the company.”

Karim Zeine, Growth PM @ Moves Financial

User Research and Stories

It didn’t take us long to realize that we didn’t know any gig workers personally but that we better get to know some quickly if we were to build with their needs in mind. This lead to a series of user interviews surfacing critical insights. We even had one of our team members register with Foodora for a couple of shifts.

Graphics of user stories.
Large graphic of illustration set

Understanding the Branding Behind Moves

A key identifier in the Moves branding is its use of colourful, ligne claire illustrations. We sought to create images that would make the brand more lively, personable, and authentic. These attributes are crucial for a new financial company and suggest a friendly, trustworthy, and forward-looking brand.

The illustrations bring life to investor decks, poster campaigns, motion graphics ads, and the Moves site itself. These stories of gig workers speak directly to the Moves client base and show that Moves is on their side in these uncertain times.


“Stylistically the illustrations are designed for quick communication and strong impact. Actions are drawn to be read at a glance and are pared down to their essential elements. All final line-work was done by hand and textures were applied to the colors to give the illustrations a more organic feel.”

Bjoern Arthurs, Illustrator @ August

Building a Design System For Longevity

With Moves’ ambitious launch timeline, we needed to make sure the visual design of the website was consistent with the brand image. The task to design the user interface isn’t as light as it may seem. We were also tasked with creating the first design system to carry on all future Moves platforms.

Moves screens on multiple screen sizes

“The simplicity of the design hides the complexity of the backend to avoid adding to an already complicated situation for the users.” 

Jonathan Truong, Creative Director @ August

Important Considerations While Building the Core Product

The central component to Moves, the loan application flow, came with its own set of legal and technical challenges. Getting access to and managing borrower financial data to assess credit worthiness is no small feat. To assist in this process, we partnered with Plaid for privacy-protecting, secure, and fully compliant access to our borrowers’ bank accounts.

August Moves Plaid Graphic

Helping Independent Workers be Independent

Would a $2,500 low-interest loan change your life? No. But could it help in a pinch, especially if you’re confident in your ability to pay it back? Absolutely. Life is lumpy, and so are our expenses. An unexpected accident or week off of work could throw a wrench in any of our household budgets.

Moves wasn’t created to increase demand for gig workers or to help them be more productive. Many very big companies are already working on that. Rather, Moves exists to help smooth out the uncertainties that come up with gig work. To make it easier to be independent.


“It was a big undertaking, but working through solutions with a cross-functional collaborative team made it a rewarding experience.”

Adam Dipardo, Full-Stack Developer @ August
Floating graphic of dog walker
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