Making the Toronto eFUN Portal Fun

Jeff Tchadjeu
Jeff Tchadjeu
December 15, 2020

Torontonians looking to register for municipal programs and book City facilities need to do so through the eFUN platform. It’s a pretty terrible experience.

BlogTO wrote a piece about it just a few weeks ago. “The site has some pretty serious Windows 98 vibes,” they wrote. And we agree.

When he first got elected in 2016, Toronto mayor John Tory promised that the City would replace the “frustrating, outdated” online, phone, and in-person registration system. It’s now 2020 and that work hasn’t yet been done.

To help the City along, and provide them with some inspiration, we thought we’d take a crack at re-imagining the system’s user interface and experience. Specifically, we redesigned the public skating registration flow.

Critically, a re-imagined system should also be accessible from your mobile device.

A comprehensive overhaul of the eFUN system would also require some operational and backend updates as well, but nothing groundbreaking. Bureaucratic procurement rules and processes aside, as a purely design and engineering challenge, a new, shiny, user-friendly eFUN could be released to the public in relatively short order.

And we’d of course be happy to help with that.

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