Pulling Property Management Into the Present

Jeff Tchadjeu
Jeff Tchadjeu
August 25, 2020

The process of renting is better than it was 10-years ago, but only barely. Most rental building websites still feature incomplete and outdated information on suite availability and pricing, and force interested renters through an overly complicated and time consuming (often paper-based) application process.

Similarly, for property managers, ensuring that the latest information is being pushed to the renting public in a clear, digestible format is no small task.

This was all certainly true of The Benvenuto Group, owners and property managers of 18 Brownlow in Toronto.

They asked us to rethink their website from the ground up with an emphasis on converting visitors to suite tour registrants, and suite tour registrants to renters.

With that direction in mind, we provided UX Research, Design, and Development for both their consumer-facing website and property management dashboard.

Keeping it Fresh and Clean

We had three goals with the website user experience:

  1. To highlight the desirability of renting at 18 Brownlow, by showcasing its great suites, amenities, and locations;
  2. To provide potential renters with clear and current information on suite availability and pricing;
  3. To nudge potential renters into scheduling a tour, where the items in the first point could be presented more compellingly in person.

And all of that, of course, wrapped in a beautiful user interface that would do the building justice.

Modern Property Management

Our next task was to create an intuitive property management dashboard that would be used to keep the available suite inventory current, schedule tours, and push notifications to current tenants.

Critically, this dashboard had to be designed in such a way that a new user could be onboarded with minimal training. Property managers range in age and technical savvy (and patience), so we worked hard to strike the right balance between keeping it simple and maintaining all necessary functionality.

Seamless Design

What we made sure to do with The Benvenuto Group was to provide a beautiful user experience, from the front page to the last. With the above factors in mind, we were able to produce a platform that was simple to move around in, effective in accessing certain properties, and have users filter out what they needed for their selection – all with a click of a button.

Being able to schedule critical events, focus on prospective clients, and manage a waitlist of tenants all on one dashboard is what we made possible.

Managing a 185-unit rental building is no small task, and neither is ensuring that its vacancy rate remains as low as possible.

With 18 Brownlow, we didn’t break any new ground technologically. But what we did do was apply best practices from the digital world to the process of renting and managing a rental building.

These changes resulted in an 18% increase in site traffic, 20% increase in tour bookings, and a 15% increase in applications. This helped to validate the idea that good, intuitive design combined with a commitment to focusing on the user experience can help tap into unrealized growth when it comes to managing rentals in the digital world.

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