The Case for Magic

Jeff Tchadjeu
Jeff Tchadjeu
April 27, 2020

In late 2019, August hosted Ogilvy UK’s Vice Chairman Rory Sutherland to present ideas from his new book for an audience of designers and marketers in Toronto. This was the third event in our nascent speaker series, where we host interesting people saying interesting things from around the world for a local audience.

Rory Sutherland is a playfully cerebral, charismatic storyteller whose recent book Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life focuses on the power of counter-intuitive logic and unconventional problem-solving. We were committed to luring him to Toronto and producing a memorable, thought-provoking experience.

To market this event to Toronto’s creative agency community, we decided on an attention-grabbing title and bold colour scheme pulled from Rory’s book cover. Great graphics and marketing elevate an event. They build anticipation and excitement. We wanted to ensure that ours did all of this and more.

We did it for the ‘gram

To promote the event on social media, we created a motion graphic video ad, building off the aesthetic established on Rory’s book cover. The event was only set for one day before Halloween, so we upped the magic content by adding alchemy symbols and an old astrological chart.

To visually represent the use of counter-intuitive logic in action we played with rigid patterns being made, broken apart, and evolving into other patterns. We paired these bold patterns with the contrasting aesthetic of the fine lines in the alchemy/astrology chart, resulting in a unique, attention grabbing and kinetic video.

Event Signage

Large signs carried the branding into the event and allowed users to purchase Rory’s book through a QR code that directed to the relevant Amazon page.

Background Graphics

A backdrop animation was created building on the Instagram ad to loop in the background for mix and mingle periods before and after the lecture.

Key elements added to the looping background graphics were quotes and reviews of the book. The aspect ratio was also modified to maximize the use of space on a projector screen.

Event Extras

Event extras like branded drink and appetizer menus, as well as name tags, added to the atmosphere.

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