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What we do

We work with property builders, owners, and managers to develop or enhance your technology strategy and vision for success. We have deep domain expertise and build lasting relationships.


Planning and Pre-Construction

Developers, planners, municipal lawyers, architects, engineers, etc.


Construction and Development

Construction managers, general contractors, contractors, etc.


Property and Asset Management

Owners, operators, property managers, asset managers, etc.

How we do it

Discovery and Strategy

Technology as a means, not an end

A majority of real estate leaders view disruptive technologies as an opportunity and expect digital and technological innovations to impact their business. However many in the commercial and residential real estate sector don’t know where to start. That’s where August can help - from data analytics, artificial intelligence and advanced automation, August can help you develop a strategy that ensures your business can stay ahead of the curve.

Change Management

Our motto is simplify

Finding a technology solution is only one step. We help ensure that solutions are thoughtfully adopted across your organization. We help ensure that any new digital solution is helpful in streamlining processes, creating more opportunity for revenue generation and ultimately drive your bottom line.


Source the best solution

Whether custom built or from an existing solution we do the heavy lifting to help identify and discover solutions and negotiate the best options. We have relationships across the real estate industry that help us not only identify the latest tech to keep you up to speed but also the most reliable, long-standing and impactful digital solutions that suit your needs.


Custom built or connecting to your existing solutions

We make sure your solution is seamlessly integrated. Our team of fullstack developers and designers are here to make sure your digital solutions reflect your brand, organization and are optimized for success.

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